Contributions are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Bugs Reports/Feedback

Report bugs or give feedback by filing an issue at

If you are reporting a bug, please include:

  • Your operating system, Python version, and pybaselines version.

  • Any further details about your local setup that might be helpful in troubleshooting.

  • Detailed steps to reproduce/identify the bug, including the code used and any tracebacks.

If you are proposing a feature:

  • Explain in detail how it would work.

  • Keep the scope as narrow as possible to make it easier to implement.

Pull Requests

Pull requests are welcomed for this project, but please note that unsolicited pull requests are discouraged. Please file an issue first, so that details can be discussed/finalized before a pull request is created.

Any new code or documentation must be able to be covered by the BSD 3-clause license used by pybaselines.

When submitting a pull request, follow similar procedures for a feature request, namely:

  • Explain in detail how it works.

  • Keep the scope as narrow as possible to make it easier to incorporate.

Set Up Development Environment

To clone the GitHub repository and install the necessary libraries for development:

git clone
cd pybaselines
pip install -r requirements/requirements-development.txt
pip install -e .

All sections below assume the above commands were ran.

Style Guidelines

pybaselines has the following guidelines (note: if you have any questions/concerns about these guidelines, please feel free to open an issue or email the author; the guidelines are meant to help keep a consistent style, not to discourage contributing :) ).

Any new code should follow PEP 8 standards as closely as possible and be fully documented using Numpy style docstrings. To check that new code has the correct formatting, run the following command in the terminal while in the pybaselines directory:

flake8 . --statistics


If implementing a new feature, please add any necessary tests. To check that tests pass locally, run the following command in the terminal while in the pybaselines directory:

pytest .

The testing steps below are just for reference and not necessary.

If checking coverage (not necessary, but can be helpful to know), install pytest-cov and run:

pytest . --cov=pybaselines tests/ --cov-report=html

If checking coverage both with and without the optional dependencies, run the above command first, install the optional dependencies, and then run:

pytest . --cov=pybaselines tests/ --cov-report=html --cov-append

which will append the test results with the optional dependencies to the original coverage report to show the total code that is covered by the tests.


If submitting changes to the documentation or adding documentation for a new feature/algorithm, please ensure the documentation builds locally by running the following command while in the docs directory:

make html

and ensure that no warnings or errors are raised during building.

If adding a new baseline algorithm, please add a short summary of the algorithm to the appropriate module in the algorithms section, and, if possible, add a plot showing how the algorithm fits different baselines using matplotlib's plot directive. Look at the rst sources for any of the files in the pybaselines/docs/algorithms folder for examples.