pybaselines requires Python version 3.6 or later and the following libraries:

All of the required libraries should be automatically installed when installing pybaselines using any of the installation methods below.

Optional Dependencies

pybaselines has the following optional dependencies:

Stable Release

pybaselines can be installed from pypi using pip, by running the following command in the terminal:

pip install pybaselines

To also install the optional dependencies when installing pybaselines with pip, run:

pip install pybaselines[full]

pybaselines can alternatively be installed from the conda-forge channel using conda by running:

conda install -c conda-forge pybaselines

If installing with conda, the optional dependencies have to be specified manually.

Development Version

The sources for pybaselines can be downloaded from the GitHub repo.

To directly install the current version of pybaselines from GitHub, run:

pip install git+

Alternatively, to download the entire public repository and install pybaselines, run:

git clone
cd pybaselines
pip install .